Burdinola participates in the 4th edition of Latamsalud In this edition the event organized by HC Group was held on October 23-25 in Mexico

HC Group is an Association of companies of the socio-sanitary sector constituted to facilitate the implantation of its associates - companies with products and services directly related to hospital and sanitary infrastructures - in Latin America.

The 3-day congress addresses both hospital infrastructure plans and project viability management. Thus, from the different participating countries, there is an exhibition of its Hospital Infrastructure Plan for the coming years, mentioning the projects underway and those in their portfolio, showing which model the country wants to go in health matters. Similarly, the models that can be used to develop infrastructure plans are presented.

For this, it has the assistance of senior representatives of institutional and financial organizations throughout Latin America - Colombia, Peru, Chile, Bolivia, Mexico, Ecuador, Panama ... - and a group of companies that, like Burdinola, are at the forefront in their respective sectors.

Burdinola has actively participated in the three-day agenda of activities programmed by the organizers, with its own stand in the exhibitors area as well as exposing its know-how in different talks-colloquiums.

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