Margarita Salas, one of the greatest Spanish scientists of the 20th century, passed away last week The biochemistry received endless awards both nationally and internationally, among others the II Burdinola Research Prize.

The biochemist Margarita Salas (Canero, Asturias, 1938), died in Madrid last Thursday aged 80. Researcher at the CSIC at the Severo Ochoa Molecular Biology Center in Madrid, her greatest contribution was to help understand how DNA is duplicated. She was also the first Spanish woman to be elected a member of the US National Academy of Sciences.

Burdinola's concern to contribute to the recognition and encouragement of the scientific community materializes in 1993 with the creation and first edition of the Burdinola Research Prize. The Burdinola Research Prize is a reference among research professionals, appearing on its list of award-winning great names in Spanish scientific activity. Thus, in its II edition in 1994, the prize was awarded to Margarita Salas for her contribution in the field of Virology, Microbiology and Bacteriology.

In Burdinola we will always remember this great woman, a pioneer of science in Spain and with a life dedicated to research.

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